Thursday, December 14, 2006

***Missing Person Alert*** My Daughter...PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN!!

******Missing Person Alert*****

My 23 year old daughter is missing and we are desperately trying to find her. Here is some information that may help.

Name: Jessica Ann Fender

Height: 4 foot 11 inches

Weight: Aprox 155 lbs.

Color Hair: Brown, Thick, Curly but often worn pulled back tightly

Color Eyes: Greenish/Grey

Last seen at her apartment:

Oak Creek Apartments

5915 S. Lee #104

Oklahoma City, OK

Distinguishing marks or characteristics: Jessica has diminished use of her left arm and fingers, holds arm stiff and bent with a fist, due to a stroke she suffered a few years back. She walks with a slight limp on left side. She has two tattoos a butterfly on her ankle and a large one on her arm of a rose. She has recently had her tongue pierced right before she was last seen. She is Bi-Polar and required daily medication that she does not have in her possession. Her purse and cell phone were not found in her apartment and may or may not be in her possession. She is the single mother of a 2 ½ year old daughter who is safe but needs her mother back, hopefully safe and unharmed.

She was last seen at her apartment on Thursday 12/07/06 in the evening aprox. 9-10 p.m. She does not drive because of her disability. We reported her missing on Saturday 12/9/06 when she was not found at her apartment for her scheduled visitation with her daughter.

There is a possibility she may be injured or disoriented as blood was found at her apartment. She may still be in the Oklahoma City Area.

significant information as to her whereabouts is gratefully appreciated by her family,most especially her 2 1/2 year old daughter, who needs her mother . This is every families nightmare and it is our hope that in sincere gratitude any information you may have will lead to us finding her.

Please notify:
Oklahoma City Police Department
Homicide Department
Detective Kemmett
Case # 06-110642
preferred you may also call me personally or my husband on our cell numbers, for any confidentially issues, though I'm sure any info give to the detectives can be anonymous:
Donna (405) 962-9997
Mike (405) 476-6140


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