Saturday, April 07, 2007

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A Poem for Jessica

In Loving Memory

Jessica Fender

Sept. 24, 1983 - Feb. 8, 2007

23 years old

The things I feel so deeply

Are the hardest things to say

But I,your mother loved you

in a very special way

They say that memories are golden

Well maybe that is true

But I never wanted memories

I only wanted you

If tears could build a highway

and heartache make a lane

I'd walk the path to heaved

Just to see you once again

Our family chain is broken

And nothing seems the same

but when God calls me home to heaven

The chain will link again .

Friday, March 30, 2007

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

My Daughter is STILL MISSING

We still don't know anything yet ABOUT OUR DAUGHTER'S "DISAPPEARANCE",
the blood samples taken from her apt STILL haven't come back yet,

I suspect some actual murders have bumped it in time
since they are priority. They assure me as soon as they
come back they'll call me.

I wouldn't be surprised to seeit's her however it's not enough
to indicate a murder was committed.

My heart is trying to prepare myself for the
news of the blood taken from her carpet and wall. Today is
exactly 5 weeks since we reported her missing...It will be
a difficult day I suspect(only if I allow it though),
please continue to hold our family before GOD...
I KNOW IT WORKS !! I feel his comfort thru his angels on
Earth and the Holy Spirit, the embrace is a strong one and
so comforting to me. Sometimes I cry but I need to cleanse
myself and that's OK too!!


IT ia especially DIFFICULT in not knowing anything or
being able to do much more than I already have.
I know there is hope to be found but sadly "no news
is good news" applies here, but it feels as though the
more time goes by things start to fade away.

Each day
getting up is a little easier, people ask less about if
we've heard anything.I somehow feel I am not supposed to
have better days like I should mourn all the time,
feeling guilty if I'm having quality time with
family and friends.

Sometimes I forget about our situation
only to be jarred back to reality and moments of
terror(as best I can describe the emotion) over come me
and then comes the sadness. What a roller coaster ride
I'm on here, and I normally LOVE roller coaster rides but
not of an emotional state.

I need to protect my heart and I feel GOD does that
so I must trust my anxiety being lessened is from him
and TRY to go back to my life as it was...
Then comes the mothers curse...Of COURSE I WONDER,

OF COURSE I am anxious for the comings and goings
of my family and friends, almost to a desperate and
unhealthy level. I have been preparing for the worst
and hoping for the best.I want to have hope, yet I'm
afraid to have it because it can be dashed with just
a phone call and so quickly, doing so would cause a
collapse and is twice as bad because I would be no good to anyone.

A creed i usually live by is Hope for the best(in EVERY situation)
but perpare for the worst. Now it's more like prepare for
the worst, Hope for the best.

JUST by turning the phrase around it places a different
emphasis on things...I have always like good news before
bad anyway!
Well I must go for now...Hugs to family and friends,
and all others out their in cyber-land.

Donna A

Monday, January 08, 2007

Cloisonne Jewelry

The ART of Cloisonne'


* From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Cloisonné is a multi-step enamel process used to produce jewelry, vases, and other decorative items.

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Cloisonné is an ancient metalworking technique, first developed in the Near East.

It spread to the Byzantine Empire and from there along the Silk Road to China, now the site of many high quality production facilities.

Upon completion the piece will be fired, then ground (repeating as necessary) then polished and electroplated

First, the artist forms metal (such as copper or brass) into the shape of the finished object.
A paper pattern and a pencil are used to transfer a design to the metal object.
Partitions (French: cloisons) that act as color-separators are applied according to the transferred pattern and are held in place by a soldering paste (this is finely divided metal of low melting temperature in a flux paste). The partitions are bent and cut to length from flat wire stock (usually by hand using simple pliers) while the paste is applied with a small brush.
Heating the piece in an oven permanently affixes the partitions to the base metal by melting the solder. The piece is then allowed to cool.
Frit (glass crushed to a powder) in a water-based paste is painted into the partitions using an annotated pattern similar to the "paint by numbers" craft technique. After the frit has dried, firing in an oven melts it onto the metal. After the frit has dried, firing in an oven melts it onto the metal. Several repetitions of the process may ensue to build up the coatings to the height of the partitions. Various colors and transparencies may be used in combination within a single partition to obtain the desired artistic effect.
The glass and a portion of the cloisons are ground and polished to form an even and smooth surface.
The exposed metal is electroplated with a thin film of gold to prevent corrosion and to give a pleasing appearance.

Cloisonné beads also occur commonly; and one use of Chinese cloisonné beads involves making jewelry.
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Sunday, January 07, 2007

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Saturday, January 06, 2007

A Mothers Hell...

A Mother's Hell

Christmas day was 3 weeks since I last saw my daughter. The precious angel that she brought to this world, and into our lives, lies peacefully asleep with my husband beside her, as she don't have a bed here anymore and we want to keep her as close as we can. She is our memory for now of her mother that we ache to see once again. And yet I stay awake in anguish and pain hoping that the time will come that she will walk back into our home. The minutes seem like hours and the days seem like months

I ache for my granddaughter wondering what she must be feeling or thinking that she is with us, and yet her mother is not. My last memory with my daughter was one with plans of doing Christmas shopping and the annual decorating of the tree, always a treasured memory as the family gathers together, those of us here, and hang the ornaments, some that I've kept since they were young children.

Many are pictures of all three of them in ornaments made in school or ones with their names engraved on them, all are preserved memories like time was standing still.  We look back each year and laugh that I made them dress up for the special holiday, much to their dismay...I cry silently as my husband lifts our granddaughter up to see the angel at the top of the tree and handle the glass ornaments or marvel and giggle with delight, staring in awe of our Dickens Christmas Village.

Jessica's Daughter

She needs her Momma...

The TV is showing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and our granddaughter is getting her first taste of all the songs of the season and the excitement and wonder. I reminisce with the Christmas classics like A Christmas Carol, Miracle on 34th Street or It's a Wonderful Life, Frosty the Snowman and Charlie Brown for the children . The radio plays "I'll be home for Christmas" and "I'll have a Blue Christmas without you" and "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" or my daughters favorite "Carol of the Bells" and countless others the children played at Christmas concerts while in the band.

The Christmas excitement is in the air, snow has fallen and will again, and all the memories and traditions that Christmas brings with it, are ushered in like an old friend once again.

It's a time of family and friends and frivolity...for most...

Yet all I can do is stare out the window and hold the phone close awaiting a call from a detective...or maybe, hopefully her...What I would do to have her here to see the magical look in her daughters face as she discovers the same joys she and countless others do at this special time...especially at this tender age she is at.

I find friends distinctly divided into two categories, those who call or write to ask how we are doing, offering to us anything they can do or to call if we need to talk or ask the main question..."Have we heard any news?." They seem to feel helpless to do anything, and I've been on that end, yet they want to..but can't...we are powerless, confused, fretful and a slew of other emotions. The others quite the opposite seemingly uncomfortable to even be in contact as they have no words to comfort us or are thoughtfully keeping a distance as they surmise the last thing we need is a constant barrage of questions we have no answers to or that they do not want to ask. Perhaps they are feeling our grief and do not want to be pulled into it, because after all..."It's the most wonderful time of the year" and as some may know a drowning mans first instinct is to pull his rescuer down with him.

God has still given me a peace that I cannot explain but that every child of God can relate to. I also have moments of sheer terror in thinking of the possibilities, yet I know so many parents have gone thru the same thing...and wondered how...

Sometimes "God's grace just has to be sufficient" and it is...

I could not imagine enduring this much pain and not having both family and a support system but most of all God in their life somehow...the hopelessness would have to be unbearable...

I must believe there is a purpose, and a reason , though as Jesus did, and looked into the cup that bid his future, did not like what he foresaw as his future destiny.

I could not imagine the desperation of a I pray for them and myself...

I shall continue my story on another day...Thanks for reading and feeling our pain, please continue to pray for's working to hold us up!